About Our CBET Projects

Tet 2016

ASIANA TRAVEL MATE and TIGON Hostel in cooperation with the NGO LUX DEVELOPMENT of Luxembourg is launching a project to integrate advenutre travellers and young travellers into the rural communities surrounding Hue countryside.   By inviting guests of TIGON hostel to visit these villages for an overnight stay we hope for a symbiotic relationship giving you an authentic Vietnamese experience and giving the locals help with their daily life and the necessary knowledge to develop tourism in the area.

Joining our project means packing your things, gathering the friends you have made during your stay with us and jumping on a motor bike - we’re heading towards the real rural Vietnam!

At the moment we are working with 40 families located in 3 different areas in the rural community surrounding the city. All families have room for more participants so no worries, you won’t lose your buddy o the way. The largest family can host no less than 8 people.   While quite rural, we work to ensure that you will still have access to both cell service and wifi throughout your stay. Furthermore, many of the families are located in the same area which means that your Tigon travel fellows are likely to be positioned in a walking distance from you.  Very few people in these villages know English, which will be one of our missions to make a change to more English speaking local, but until we succeed in that, be prepared for full immersion if you go alone. during this time we provide a supervisor in the area available at some times to help you both.

Our village people are all located within the distance of 10 – 75 kilometres from our hostel. You prefer to go by bicycle, your own motor bike or perhaps get on our minibus? No problem, you choose your own way of transportation!    At the hostel we have both bicycles and motor bikes for rent (bicycle: 40.000-80.000 VND and motor bike 60.000 - 120.000 VND), and depending on the number of participants involved we will for a smaller fee rent a minibus to take you there. 


Our village families get up early in the morning to go fishing in the sea. At 5:30 they’ll return with the first catch of the day. We want you to be there helping them sorting out the catch - and don’t forget to stay and enjoy the beautiful sun rising over the city.    If you’re early up a fisher family will also be likely to take you out on a morning boat trip to see how other fisher men operate on open water. An astonishing view with the sun is rising in the back.

Construction Work
The number of projects waiting for you in the villages surrounding Hué is endless. One of our most important projects is the establishment of a common area in each village for foreigners to meet and evaluate on the development of the CBET. In the middle of a very local atmosphere our common rooms will be a place for you to come and meet other participants, learn to speak Vietnamese, plan the work for the days to come, and of course enjoy a nice meal and a cup of true Vietnamese coffee. 

The Vietnamese Cuisine
Rice noodles, rice pancakes, rice porridge, and sticky rice; the all over popular phở;fish sauce with chili, garlic, and ginger; seafood, beef, chicken, and pork, and add to that the world’s most vividly colorful tropical fruits - papaya, lychee, banana, mango, dragon fruit, and many more, all there for you to explore when being introduced to the delicious Vietnamese cuisine. Alongside with experiencing the way of living on the countryside, we also want for our host families to introduce to you ‘their Vietnamese kitchen’ which most likely will include local vegetables, fruits and fish caught in the early hours. Be there with us on the side of the road to taste it when they are being grilled and spiced just hours after they have been caught!

English practising
In order for the village people to be prepared for more tourism in the future we wish for them to develop their spoken English - and a stay with a local family is an ideal way for them to do exactly that. We plan to provide all families with a small dictionary containing the basic words they will need to tell you about their lives, and then we would like for you to tell them about yours! 

Along the coast we are currently planning to construct bungalows that will allow you to enjoy the absolute silence of the countryside. Grab a book and jump on your bike - the bungalows are waiting for you!

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